Metabolic diseases of muscle – how can you tell if they affect you?

Metabolic diseases of the muscles are metabolic myopathies that act as abnormalities of the muscles and have as the result skeletal muscle dysfunctions. These health issues were discovered quite late, in the 20th century. There are multiple metabolic myopathies people are dealing with, and every one of them seems to be caused by a different genetic defect. In order for a person to move, they need to have functional muscles. But muscles can function properly only if they take the needed amount of energy from the body.

Metabolic diseases of the muscles appear when chemical reactions interfere in the body’s process of taking energy from food. When the levels of energy drop, people experience exercise intolerance and muscle weakness, and they are not able to move properly, because they are in pains. Very few cases of myopathies are not caused by lack of energy, but by unused molecules that remain inside the muscles. When this happens patients experience cells damage and chronic weakness.

Why do people suffer from metabolic diseases of muscle?

Inside the body of a healthy person who does not suffer from this issue, the molecules resulted from the food they ate are broken down inside the cells. If you are healthy your cells will be able to produce energy, because inside every one of them there is mitochondria that processes the molecules came from food. If you suffer from one of the multiple types of myopathy, then some of the molecules derived from food are processed before getting to the cells, and your muscles do not receive the needed energy to function properly.

Do you have myopathy symptoms?

The persons who experience these metabolic diseases of muscles have symptoms as respiratory issues, myoglobinuria, cardiac issues, exercise intolerance and muscle weakness.

There are high chances the patients who suffer from acid maltase deficiency, carnitine deficiency or debrancher enzyme deficiency to also experience heart issues.

If you notice that you are not able to perform some exercises from your training, because you feel tired, then you should see a doctor, because you may suffer from a type of myopathy. Different disorders lead to intolerance for different exercises. If you have this health issue you will also experience painful muscle pains during training.

Do you have myopathy symptoms?

Muscle weakness is the result of exercise intolerance and loss of strength as a result of aging. Depending on the type of metabolic disease of muscle you experience the degree of weakness you feel will vary. In the majority of cases the patients who experience this symptom do not get to use a wheelchair.

If you suffer from myogloburina then there will be myoglobin present in your urine. When a person experiences acute muscle breakdown, the proteins from their muscles are released into their blood and from there into their urine. If you do not treat this symptom, then you may experience kidney damage on a long term.

Your respiratory muscles can be affected by debrancher enzyme deficiency or acid maltase deficiency. If you suffer from one of these disorders, and you do not treat it, you may need mechanical respiratory assistance. In order to get the right diagnose you should consult an experienced doctor.